2016 Goals: 

Urban Shade Tree Canopy Program:
Among the many benefits of street shade trees are an increase in adjacent property values estimated at $15,000 - $20,000; a decrease in the urban heat island effect, reduction of glare and a more pleasurable walking experience as well as increasing sales for adjacent businesses up to 20%. We need your help! Please join this taskforce as we want to raise funds to plant more shade trees and have the City enact a shade tree ordinance. 

Pedestrian Experience Improvement: 
We have identified specific areas of downtown with unsafe crossings, bad lighting, visual blight and a lack of a shade tree canopy. We have also been documenting ALL street construction markings on our downtown sidewalks and pavers using SEECLICKFIX on our smartphones and need everyone's help. In addition, Pedestrian taskforce volunteers are sought to attend public meetings. 

Promoting Bikeshare Program in Downtown:
In May 2012, a bikeshare program was piloted in downtown and it was very successful. A bikeshare program will be a valuable asset to downtown residents and visitors alike and make West Palm Beach an even more liveable place and increase its positive image at minimal or no-cost to the city. We are seeking volunteers on the Bikeshare taskforce to lobby for a bikeshare program.

Standing Committees:
We also need volunteers for our standing committees, like Downtown Deals, Events Planning, Policy and City News, etc... 

You can sign up for as many that fit your interests! 

Get involved today! Contact Jesse to get started. 

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